Frequently asked questions

The following reasons qualify Amoza to be a leading overseas employment service provider and a global manpower consultant:

  • We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization and a Government Recognized Recruiting Agent based in India.
  • We are a second-generation business with a vast experience of over 25 years.
  • We are based out of Chennai (head office), with a branch office in Mumbai and associate offices all over India.
  • Our database of potential candidates is extensive. Additionally, we have contractual access to the database of leading job portals.
  • We also have a highly qualified team with deep HR expertise to source manpower from any region in India, for any role you may require.

As a leading consultant offering global manpower placement services, our areas of specialization includes handling manpower for Oil & Gas Projects, Power Plants, Petrochemicals & Refinery, Heavy Industries, Civil Construction projects, MEP Construction and Maintenance projects, Hotels & Resorts, Hospitals, Facility Management, Plantation workers( palm oil & Rubber Plantation)etc.

Does Amoza have systematic plans and procedures in trying to understand and satisfy your recruitment requirements?

Definitely! As a leading global manpower consultant offering end-to-end services, Amoza brings rich expertise to requirement fulfillment. Our action plan is as below

I. Databank (Immediately on receipt of the requirement)
Amoza has an extensive computerized databank. Basically requirements of highly skilled and technically qualified professional categories are sourced from our database.

II. Job Postings in Job portals (the day of receipt of requirements)
We post the requirements on our Job portal and also have contractual access to premier job sites, which contains a large HR database for all industries.

III. Headhunting Activity (After 3 days of receipt of the requirements)
We also conduct extensive headhunting and recruitment activities in demographic areas where certain specialized categories are available. This activity is an added advantage in sourcing the required categories of manpower for specific Industries.

IV. Advertising (After studying the requirement of the client, we advise the client for releasing the Advertisement)
Certain category requirements are better reached via newspaper advertisements. Advertisements are placed in leading English language and in select regional language dailies and the list is chosen based on the target cities and the actual requirements. We plan our advertisement schedules based on the categories required and their availability in different parts of India.

Our deep experience gives us the edge in delivering large scale global manpower requirements and in satisfying niche requirements through all of the above processes.

V. Personal interview & Screening (The process starts after receiving the response from Databank, Job posting Advertising and Headhunting activities)

The resumes sourced from the above process are screened and short-listed by our highly experienced and technically qualified Recruitment Managers on the basis of the job description provided by our client. Our teams travel to different cities for pre-screening & short listing the candidates before the final interviews.

Individuals belonging to semi-skilled categories are also subjected to a trade test as per their specialization. The overall grading of candidates is carried out based on their professional skills, previous experience, general knowledge, personality and adaptability to the work environment.

The candidates shortlisted by us are then presented to the client's representative for the final selection.

Additionally, we prepare the itinerary for our clients to visit different cities in India for final interviews.

VI. Hotel Bookings and Travel

We also assist our clients in booking hotels and preparing travel arrangements for their visit to different locations where interviews are to be conducted. Our team also travels with the clients to ensure that they get to the real source and have a holistic experience in India.

VII. Interview arrangements, Facilities and Communication

We have a centrally located office and spacious air-conditioned cabins to conduct interviews along with the necessary infrastructure like computers, reliable broadband connection, intercom and secretarial assistance. STD, ISD, fax and video conferencing facilities are also available.

We always believe in operating in a transparent manner and delivering world class service to all stakeholders at all times.

expertise chart as below:

1 Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka Healthcare, IT & Telecom, Hospitality, Automobile, Architecture, Finance & Sales Professionals, Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories
2 West Bengal Civil Construction & Agriculture & Landscaping Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories
3 Uttar Pradesh, Bihar Agriculture & Construction Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories
4 Gujarat Power, Oil & Gas Professionals, Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories
5 Andhra Pradesh, Telangana IT, Civil Construction, Agriculture Professionals, Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories
6 Maharashtra Oil & Gas Professionals, Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories
7 Rajasthan Construction Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories
8 Punjab Automobile, Agriculture Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories
9 Delhi Healthcare, Finance & Sales Professionals, Skilled, Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories
10 Jharkhand Iron & Steel, Agriculture, Civil Semi-Skilled & Unskilled Categories

We stand unique on the following points:

  • Our matchless reputation and excellence in service of both clients and job seekers.
  • Our Selection process.
  • Our ability to attract top candidates over the years.
  • Unmatched commitment and ethical values.
  • Our in-house staffs at all levels are HR professionals and have a deep understanding of the market.
  • We are able to precisely deliver value within the shortest time frame as we have extensive reach and broad capabilities that have been demonstrated time and again on various assignments.

After acceptance of the job offer, receipt of the visa and confirmed PTA in our office, the candidates will be mobilized to your esteemed organization in minimum one month time. This is because, they have to serve a one-month notice period with their previous employer.

Potential candidates look at us for Employment because we have experience of 25 years in Overseas Recruitment Industry and we give them opportunities in leading MNCs and reputed Companies. Feel free to view some of Our Clientele.

Yes, Amoza Travels is ISO certified and is registered with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for manpower recruitment.