Why Upskilling and Reskilling is the Key to Success

Why Upskilling and Reskilling is the Key to Success

The COVID pandemic has sent shockwaves and has changed the way we live and work entirely. Once upon a time, it was unimaginable working from home. But now, it is the new normal and many companies are also adopting hybrid work practices.

Considering the rapid technology changes and improved digital outlook, upskilling and reskilling across all fields and domains is the key to continued success. Upskilling means improving the skills that one has and keeping abreast of the latest developments and requirements. Thus, there is no major change in role. Reskilling means learning something new entirely and that may be related to the industry or something outside. In today’s rapidly changing environment and expectations, it is important for companies large and small to keep emplo0yees motivated in some manner and capture their loyalty. The best method to do this will be via upskilling or reskilling initiatives.

It is important for companies to upskill employees for

  1. Improving the productivity of employees
  2. Increasing retention rate
  3. Help employees overcome work fatigue due to repetition of tasks
  4. Enhance performance and maintain employee motivation

It is important for employees and companies to reskill employees because

  1. There is rapid change in technology and perspective
  2. Employees can be tailored to fit into new roles in the organization
  3. The experience and familiarity of employees within the organization is not lost

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